The Aegean Village Hotel is located in the old town of Parikia, the traditional historical center of Parikia. In a couple of minutes walking distance from the Aegean Village Hotel you can reach the local Market Street and the Byzantine cathedral of Ekatontapiliani, named the church of the “Hundred Doors”. In 5 minutes walking distance from the Aegean Village Hotel you can get to the 13th century Venetian Castle, the archeological Museum, and archeological sites, art galleries, the seafront road, the port and the local boat taxis. In less than 5 minutes walk from the Aegean Village Hotel, you can reach two of Parikias’ main beaches, the clubbing area and the central bus station.

How to find Hotel Aegean Village (in 5 minutes walking distance from the port)
From the port, leaving the ferry Left hand you can see already (or ask for) the Cathedral named "Panagia Ekatontapiliani". Go towards it, opposite of the cathedral you find a small shop for handbags, a book shop and a shop with clothes. Opposite of this shop is a small pedestrian way following it to the end you already can see on right hand a building with windows and balconies in colours: blue, mustard yellow, and Bordeaux red. The entrance of Aegean Village is a stone built arc. At the reception door you will find a message for you in case the reception is closed for some reason.

Our phone number is +30-22840 22524 and + 30-22840 23187. Do not hesitate in case of emergency to use the cell phone of the owner Mr. Dimitris +30 6944509664